Mobile App and Service Roundup: Remote Professional, WorldMate, Skyfire and More

The pain of three exams this week, my first in 9 or so years, put a bit of a damper on my free time, not to mention my spirits. But while I had my nose buried in the books, the news about some new and improved mobile apps and services was piling up:

rempro.jpg— One of the cooler apps I’ve seen in a while is the new beta version of Remote Professional for S60 from, creator of one of the best and most complete Symbian apps I’ve used, WirelessIRC + Twitter. Remote Professional lets you view and control your handset from your PC, and the new version makes it possible to do so over the web. You simply connect your handset to the internet, then you can view its screen and control it through your web browser (you can also control it over Bluetooth or a USB connection).

Yeah, it’s totally geeky, but it’s also really cool. One addition that Mobileways’ Jan Ole Suhr has added since the first beta version is a feature called the Switchboard. Remote Pro users can connect their handset to the Switchboard, then people can log in to it and view or control the device over the web. Nifty stuff, and Jan Ole is working on some interesting applications of the Switchboard, so stay tuned for more news.

All these new features are still in private beta, but if you’d like to get in on the action, you can email Jan Ole at suhr at mobileways dot de, and tell him MobHappy sent you.

wmlive.jpg— Another one of my favorite mobile apps, and one that I’ve been using for many years, is WorldMate. It provides all sorts of useful information for travelers, like weather, currency rates, world time and flight info. A new version has just been released for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, called WorldMate Live, with a UI update and some new features, such as the ability to easily create itineraries by emailing in flight and hotel confirmations. The itineraries then get synced to the WorldMate app on your device.

If you travel, you should check out WorldMate, particularly now that the basic version is free. If you want to update to the Gold edition, which adds a lot of flight schedule data and alerts, you can get 25% by using the discount code “specialwml”.

Skyfire, a new browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian that can handle the “full” web, has opened up its public beta and released a new version for WM devices. Skyfire can do Ajax, Flash, and several types of video, and does it pretty quickly. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve got a compatible device.

— I got an email a while back from the creators of KeyToss, a customizable mobile portal. Old hat, I thought, but I actually dig KeyToss quite a bit. The idea is pretty simple and old hat — think My Yahoo or iGoogle for your handset — but KeyToss does a nice job of implementing it, and has some cool features of its own, like the ability to access 50+ search tools, and file-transfer functionality. Definitely worth a look from your smartphone.

— Finally, the folks at FlyingBird sent over their Money Manager application, and its depth is staggering. So many features — budgeting, forecasting, expense tracking. I have to admit that I’ve never been the best money manager, so much of this functionality is lost on me. But if you spend a lot of time mobile and have the need or desire to stay on top of your finances, you could do a lot worse than to try this application.

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