The Truth About Mobile Phone Radiation and Health

Hardly a week goes by without another rumour that some scientist, or in some cases complete nut case, claiming that mobile phone radiation is killing us, lowering sperm count or causing some kind of genetic mutation. Sometimes the case put by the media sounds pretty damning and makes you wonder if we really shouldn’t just abandon the mobile experiment and go back to the way God intended – if he’d meant us to have these kinds of powers, surely He’d have made us telepathic???

So I was interested to hear Brian Dunning’s recent Skeptoid Podcast tackle this very subject.

Each episode, Brian examines popular beliefs, pseudoscience or urban myth and takes a critical and scientifically based look at the evidence. Subjects range from recent religious ‘miracles’, homeopathy, Big Foot and whether the Large Hadron Collider really will make us disappear into a Black Hole. It’s a very interesting Podcast, albeit a little unnerving sometimes to hear subjects that I had assumed were pretty much proven torn to shreds for lack of real evidence.

The bottom line in his analysis about mobile radiation is that there’s no evidence to date that it’s harmful. To paraphrase Brian, he also points out that it doesn’t mean that such evidence won’t emerge in the future, just as it might be discovered that traveling at more that 40 miles an hour might be discovered to be dangerous at some point – and it’s probably as likely to emerge as that too.

So, go back to your mobile with a little more confidence and add Skeptoid to your iTunes feeds.

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