Clever Marketing From Oasis and the NME

Not exactly mobile-related, but this latest marketing campaign from Oasis and venerable British music mag NME is a pretty genius way to get people excited about the band’s upcoming record.

Get Oasis’ “Dig Out Your Soul” music before album release date:

The band have teamed up with NME in a musical first, which will see the magazine release the sheet music and lyrics to three brand new album tracks – ‘Bag It Up’, ’The Turning’ and ‘(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady’ in an exclusive companion disc give-away.

Packaged as an official collectable item featuring a unique Big Brother Recordings catalogue number, the Oasis ‘NME Dig Out Your Soul Songbook’ will be free with NME’s September 17th issue and will also include a CD-Rom packed full of exclusive content and artwork.

The songbook will invite fans to play the as-yet unheard tracks themselves by filming their efforts and uploading them to a dedicated microsite housed at This radical move adds a new dimension to the ‘free music’ debate and encourages all you die hard fans out there to pick up your instruments!

The music’s also available on the Web. The site says people should upload their performances to YouTube, but I can’t figure out what the proper tag is (indeed, it seems the group’s trying to only make the content easily accessible through its own site, which would be my only criticism). In any case, clever.

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