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About That Twitter Thing

I’ve had a number of people ask me my thoughts about the mess Twitter created for itself when it announced yesterday that it was suspending SMS services in countries other than the US, Canada and India. Alfie Dennen told me he expected to see an “Eat That, Twitter!” on the end of the title of […]

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Text Games, On Paper

Apparently, back in the day, people used to fill in these things called “Crossword Puzzles” that were printed in these other things called “newspapers”, instead of playing solitare or Snake or Tetris on their mobile phone. USA Today, one of these “newspapers”, and a quite large one at that, appears to be attempting to drag […]

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SMS More Popular Than the Internet*

Text Messaging Usage Grows 32 Percent In UK; Uptake Of Mobile Broadband Dongles Surges | Text messaging remains the most widely used data application in the UK, with 2007 revenues nearly three times the figures for data revenue. Regulator Ofcom revealed in its hefty annual survey of the communications market published today that SMS […]

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in the midst of the Olympics. Have you seen any good Olympic mobile content? Mippin’s launched a great catch-all Olympic category at, where they’ve got content from nearly 100 sources being sucked in to their platform, all for easy reading on your mobile. I’ve also played with US […]

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Back In The Saddle

Just wanted to say thanks for all the well-wishes and gifts from our wonderful readers over the last couple weeks. I’m now fully married and enjoying all that it entails, and I appreciate all the support from the MobHappy community! More changes are on the horizon as I start classes for my MBA at the […]

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