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A Few Things I’ve Seen…

I’ve snapped pics of a couple of things recently I thought I’d share. First up, I was checking out grills at my local Lowe’s, and saw this ad for an audio tour about the product. You just call in to the 800 number, and you get walked through the grill’s features while you’re standing there […]

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Arby’s Starts Mobile Couponing

US fast-food player, Arby’s has just announced that it’s starting to experiment with mobile couponing with Cellfire. This is evidence that mobile couponing is slowly starting to go mainstream, although these things always seem to take longer than you think. However, the couponing industry is massive and certainly mobile seems to be an obvious way […]

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Visa Trial LBS

When our LBS marketing startup, ZagMe, went bust back in 2001, I spent quite a lot of time analysing why. The tendency in these circumstances is to move on to the next thing, without really learning the lessons. However, I know that one of the issues was that it was way ahead of its time […]

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Carnival of the Mobilists #138

This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is back at MobHappy – actually where it all started back in October 2005. Since then, the Carnival has thrived as a place to showcase the best writing about mobile in the blogosphere. It’s great that it’s still going in the same format that we originally envisaged and many, […]

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Location-Based vs. Context-Aware

Russell and I have talked a lot about location-based services over the years, generally in an attempt to interject some reason and deflate some of the hype around them and move the discussion past the ubiquitous Starbucks example as the holy grail of LBS. The biggest problem is that people confuse location with context. Location […]

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