Mobile Media Investor Conference

The Strategy Institute has just released details of the Mobile Media Investor Conference, taking place on 9th and 10th December 2008 in San Francisco.

It has a great line up of people from the media, marketing and venture worlds, including quite a few people I know, as it happens. Helen Keegan will also be pleased to note quite a few women on the agenda – 20% by my count, which is a great move in the right direction.

AdMob’s, Cheryl Dalrymple, is among those sharing her words of wisdom. Other people I know and are certainly worth listening to (in no particular order) are Louis Gump of The Weather Channel, Gene Keenan of Isobar, Vijay Chattha of VSC Consulting (AdMob’s US PR agency), Rich Wong of Accel, Nihal Mehta of Buzzd, Michael Becker of iLoop Mobile, Dorrian Porter of Mozes and Lubna Dajani of Mobile Monday NY. And that’s just the ones I know – add people I’ve met or heard speak like Sharon Wienbar of Scale Venture Partners and Matt Marshall of VentureBeat and you have a really great line up.

To paraphrase the late Victor Kiam, I liked the line up so much that we agreed to become an official media partner, which is a first for us. [I also just noticed that AdMob is some kind of sponsor in the interests of transparency]. What this actually means is that you can use this special code 108028-PR995 until 5th September to register before the Early Bird pricing kicks in and save yourself $500 off the regular price.


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