BT to Allow Local Authorities to “Adopt” a Payphone


BT to Allow Local Authorities to “Adopt” a Payphone:

The UK’s dominant land-line operator, BT is to allow local authorities to “adopt” a payphone box in situations where the company would normally want to remove it due to lack of use. The iconic red payphone boxes have fallen out of favour thanks to the growth of mobile phones, but in many areas people want to keep them for cosmetic reasons – or as an emergency back up for mobile phones.

Local councils will be offered the chance to pay an annual fee of £500 (US$1,000) to keep a payphone in use – or about half to keep just the structure in place for cosmetic purposes. In some areas, payphone boxes are listed and cannot be removed without planning permission being granted by the council.

For just £500 per year, you too can help save payphones!

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