A Few Things I’ve Seen…

I’ve snapped pics of a couple of things recently I thought I’d share.


First up, I was checking out grills at my local Lowe’s, and saw this ad for an audio tour about the product. You just call in to the 800 number, and you get walked through the grill’s features while you’re standing there looking at it. I think stores used to have these things called “salespeople” that did this sort of thing, but it probably behooves manufacturers to take these sorts of steps. Particularly for a product like barbecue grills, where a store’s got about 30 different models on display and they’re all relatively similar. I’ve seen this audio tour thing at a lot of art museums my wife has taken me to, but this is the first time I’ve seen it on a product in a store.


Over the weekend, I popped into Best Buy to get a replacement for my dying Wi-Fi router on sale, and saw this: a Wi-Fi router into which you can plug a USB cellular modem and share it’s connection. This isn’t a new idea, I remember seeing a similar product, but for PC cards, at a CTIA show several years ago, there’s been things like the Junxion Box, and I feel like Sprint had something along these lines at one point. But it’s the first time I’ve seen one on sale in a place like Best Buy, and for the relatively reasonable price of $250. Pretty cool IMO — especially when you consider I remember paying something like $400 for my first Wi-Fi router many moons ago.

However, the best thing I’ve seen lately was a “Don’t Drive While Intexticated” sign. I figured they probably wouldn’t appreciate me using my handset camera to take a picture of it while I was driving, though.

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