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Sneaky Voicemail

I just read about a new service on SlashDot, which sounds like it might be pretty useful, although I find the positioning strange – maybe a cultural thing. The service is called SlyDial and you use it to connect you straight to someone’s voice mail, when you don’t want to speak to them in person. […]

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Advertising Social Contract

I was speaking on a panel a few weeks back, which was an odd mix of folk really, so it was hard for the Chair Lady to involve everyone and maintain some kind of coherence to the discussion. But one of my fellow panelists was some kind of sales person for a tech infrastructure vendor. […]

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Motorola Finds A Scapegoat Technology: Motorola Inc., the largest U.S. mobile-phone maker, sued a former executive now working for Apple Inc., accusing him of disclosing its trade secrets to aid in the marketing of Apple’s iPhone. Michael Fenger in March ended an almost six-year career at Motorola where he was a vice president for the company’s mobile- device […]

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You Know You’re A Dork When…

…you go see a great movie (The Dark Knight, in this case), and the most exciting thing you see is a Nokia touchscreen handset. And then you laugh when you see a main character with a years-old 6630 and feel like you’re part of an inside joke, ’cause, damn, what self-respecting movie badass police lieutenant […]

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It’s Not What You’re Selling, It’s How You Sell It

MocoNews has a post on a new report from In-Stat about Google and Apple’s efforts in mobile: First, he said Google is primarily using Android to push its agenda of doing location-based search, and second, the two Bay Area companies are implementing change by marketing and merchandising better, not developing more advanced technology. Let’s focus […]

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