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Qualcomm Plaza: YAMWP, But One Worth Watching

I was out in San Diego a while back for Qualcomm’s annual BREW confab. It’s pretty easy to think of Qualcomm as this monolithic and slightly nasty company that does little more than bully its way to profits with patents and intellectual property and some chips, and is only interested in things that lead to […]

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When Will The Mobile Web Be Mass Market?

My good friend Tarek Abu-Esber wondered earlier this week when the mobile web will hit mass adoption, and more specifically, what would define that: While I might not go as far as using the term “critical-mass” I definitely agree with the overall idea of their report. The traditional barriers to the Mobile Web are all […]

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VCs Say Don’t Forget The Other Platforms

V.C. Advice to Entrepreneurs: Its Not All About the iPhone – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog: Though almost every discussion at the MobileBeat conference in Sunnyvale, Calif., on Thursday centered around the iPhone, venture capitalists told mobile entrepreneurs to broaden their focus and build applications for all phones. Still, all anyone wanted […]

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Where in the World?

Sometimes it’s nice to have your gutfeel confirmed and Comscore/M:Metrics’ latest findings do just that. They report that map usage is growing far more quickly in mobile that it is online; 82% on the US and 49% growth in Europe against single digit growth via the PC. This feel right as the map on the […]

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ITU Takes On ICE

About three years ago, Russell posted about the ICE phenomenon (and the ensuing hoax email). It’s pretty well known by now: ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, and the idea is to put the letters in front of a contact in your phone, so emergency workers know who to contact should you be in […]

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