Future Crime

Years ago, I read a scifi novel (can’t remember who by) where the author referred to an all-too-common crime inflicted on women. Saddo blokes would call them on video phones (while blocking their caller ID), with the camera focused on their genitalia and sort of gig about a little.

It actually sounds pretty harmless, albeit very irritating, if it happened to you a lot. But perhaps, on first consideration no more than say, a persistent window replacement sales person calling repeatedly.

I read this story this morning about a poor women who this is happening to now, in another case of scifi proving to be an accurate portrayal of the future. She’s been receiving pics of a penis sent anonymously to her phone. The thing is, her husband was killed about a month ago (in a completely unrelated traffic incident) and she understandably finds these photos really upsetting.

A Penectomy should put a stop the guy doing it, if that doesn’t sound too extreme. No, I don’t think it does, on reflection – you can’t waggle your bits if they’re not there anymore and perhaps we need some new creative solutions for new creative types of crime.

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