ILovetheMobileWeb Awards

One of the Autumn events that I’m speaking at and is shaping up to be very interesting is Informa’s Mobile Web Europe. Lots of great speakers and officially a hot topic these days – at long last.

In fact, now that even mighty media organisations like the BBC (“Boom Times Ahead for the Mobile Web”) are starting to cover it more seriously, I think we’re going to see a frenzy of coverage like we saw back in 1995/6 for the PC web. It’s been a bit of a puzzle for me in the last few years that usage of the mobile web is higher than the PC web back in those days and yet the media has been curiously silent on the subject.

However, once the media weighs in, we’re going to see explosive growth. It’s already growing at 100% year on year according to some recent tracking we did at AdMob, but there’s plenty of potential yet.

One of the ways to get mobile is to set up a .mobi site and as part of the conference, The .mobi Advisory Group are sponsoring the ILovetheMobileWeb Awards, which will showcase the very best .mobi mobile websites. So if you have a whizzy, wonderful or wacky .mobi site, get entering (free) before 22nd August.

You might find this previous post useful, where we looked at 10 Rules for Mobile Website Creation.

And I hope to see you win an award.

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