When Will The Mobile Web Be Mass Market?

My good friend Tarek Abu-Esber wondered earlier this week when the mobile web will hit mass adoption, and more specifically, what would define that:

While I might not go as far as using the term “critical-mass” I definitely agree with the overall idea of their report. The traditional barriers to the Mobile Web are all being broken and this is helping drive Mobile Web usage: Walled Gardens, Data Charges, Connection Speeds, Device & Browser Technology, compelling content.

All this got me wondering, how long till the Mobile Web hits mass-adoption? More specifically, what would be defined as “mass-adoption”?

Interesting question he’s asking, wondering what the criteria will be. I’ve got no idea what objective one — a number of users, devices, or traffic — could be used. Subjectively, I think it will be when I can make reference to the mobile web with normobs and they know what the hell I’m talking about šŸ™‚ With that in mind, I think we’re getting there. Even if people aren’t using the mobile web, they’re certainly becoming more aware of it.

To put a time frame on it, 2012 sounds good, as that’s when Intel says there will be 1.2 billion portable internet devices, and IDC says there will be 1.5 billion mobile internet users then.

One number jumps out from that IDC release: they say 40% of internet users worldwide have mobile internet access. Keep in mind that having access isn’t the same as actually using it, though.

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