Google To Help Solve The Sync Pain Point?

Even though it’s 2008, syncing contacts and other info still sucks. Various pieces of the puzzle are there, but it seems like they rarely all come together. SyncML is great, if you can use somebody like Zyb, and your handset is supported. But there are still far too many handsets that don’t support SyncML, or don’t allow OTA syncing or have some other hang-up.

Hopefully this is starting to change. Vodafone bought Zyb about a week after I said, “If you work for an operator, get some deal going with Zyb or one of its competitors and provide and promote the service to your customers.” Hopefully this will lead to the big V prevailing on handset vendors to fully support SyncML throughout their range of devices.

One other boost to SyncML that could be coming: apparently Google will add SyncML support to Gmail contacts next month. That’s really good news, especially for Gmail users, and hopefully it will shine even more light on SyncML and help make it so that even more devices will support it for OTA syncing. Hopefully Google will soon be adding SyncML support to Google Calendar as well.

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