If Viacom Wants To See All Our YouTube Videos, Let ‘Em Have This One

A judge in a US federal court in New York has ordered Google to hand over the entire YouTube logging database, revealing the viewing habits and history of YouTube users. While I’m optimistic that this order will get reversed — as it violates the Video Privacy Protection Act and completely tramples individuals’ privacy solely because Viacom is too lazy to follow DMCA takedown processes — it’s still appalling. Both because it’s a horrible decision by a federal judge, but also because Viacom thinks that this is an acceptable way to act in lieu of finding a modern business model.

So, accordingly, I suggest we give Viacom what they want. Watch videos like the one I made and embedded below. Make your own, and upload them to YouTube, use the tag “screwyouviacom” — and be sure to upload an extra copy and mark it Private, since Viacom also wants every private video users have uploaded. Spread them around, make them show up in these logs and maybe Viacom will notice that they’re not helping their business, they’re alienating their audience by trampling all over its privacy.

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