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Windows Mobile in the Dunk Tank

Most of the press coverage of Microsoft recently has obviously been focused on their on-off pursuit of the coy Yahoo!. Followed by lots of analyses of what Redmond needs to do now to catch up in Search and Advertising. Mr Ballmer has also spoken a lot about how they understand that software is moving to […]

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Future Crime

Years ago, I read a scifi novel (can’t remember who by) where the author referred to an all-too-common crime inflicted on women. Saddo blokes would call them on video phones (while blocking their caller ID), with the camera focused on their genitalia and sort of gig about a little. It actually sounds pretty harmless, albeit […]

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ILovetheMobileWeb Awards

One of the Autumn events that I’m speaking at and is shaping up to be very interesting is Informa’s Mobile Web Europe. Lots of great speakers and officially a hot topic these days – at long last. In fact, now that even mighty media organisations like the BBC (“Boom Times Ahead for the Mobile Web”) […]

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Alfie and Co. Keeping The Good Stuff Going At MoblogUK

You’ve probably seen us talk about Alfie Dennen and all the cool stuff he and his team have done at moblog:tech before, but he never fails to turn up with cool new things. His latest trick is a brand new platform that’s powering their moblog community. You can check it out in action at Leave […]

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Consumer Information via SMS

BBC NEWS | Business | Italians dial up best food price: However, if Italians feel that their local food retailer is charging unreasonable prices, they can now call on a new service to help them haggle or walk away. Thanks to a short message service (SMS) text system set up jointly by the Italian agriculture […]

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