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FMC, With A Cheap Piece Of Gear From Target and Without the Operator

Despite the hype, fixed-mobile convergence hasn’t made huge inroads in the market, for a variety of reasons. But when I was at my local Target store yesterday, I noticed these: It’s a little unit from GE that you plug your standard home phone into, and connect to your mobile via Bluetooth, turning your mobile connection […]

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Dear AP: You Don’t Get To Make The Rules

I don’t really like to blog about copyright and whatnot much as I think it gets pretty tedious. That said, this stuff the Associated Press is trying to pull is a bit much. Last week it got pissed off that a site called the Drudge Retort was posting links to AP stories with a cut-and-pasted […]

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Music to the Ears

New Media Age carries a story about a survey that found that 63% of young people (14 – 24 year olds) ‘fessed up to downloading music illegally. Apart from almost certainly proving that the other 37% are lying, it does demonstrate pretty well that the music industry’s problems are ongoing and will almost certainly get […]

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Welcome to the Year 2000

One of my speaking gigs last week was EDM08 in London. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for long, but I did catch a very interesting presentation by O2’s Mike Short, currently VP of R&D. I first met Mike back in ZagMe days and he’s always good value. In his presentation, he showed a couple of really […]

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Sky TV

I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks, so apologies for the lack of blogging. Among other things, it feels like I’ve been commuting to the US, with a trip to the West Coast and another to New York. In between, I was interviewed by Sky News, so if you’re curious to see what I […]

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