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I’ve seen several things worth reading over the last several days that I wanted to share…

24% of Apple iPhone users upgraded from a Motorola RAZR – SMS Text News

24% — or, almost a quarter — of those surveyed who upgraded to an iPhone, did so from a stinky Motorola RAZR.

Now I don’t have exact stats — and I can’t be sure how representative the Rubicon Consulting study is. The important bit for me is the mind-blowing difference of experience that those RAZR users will have encountered.

That, or the iPhone’s the current iteration of the RAZR: a fashion piece before a mobile phone.

India Sells 10,000 Phone Per Hour in Q1 ’08 – Cellular-News

Shipments in Q1 2008 stood at more than 22 million handsets, which amounts to around 10,000 mobile phones being shipped every hour during the quarter. In the same quarter a year ago (Q1 ’07), just under 18 million mobile phones were shipped.

Apps on smartphones = Geek. Apps on Facebook = Fun. Why? – Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless

But another speaker made the very insightful point that many people who would recoil in horror at installing smartphone apps are entirely happy to stuff their FaceBook pages with all sorts of random plug-ins. It made me think a bit about what the differences are behind this divergent attitudes.

A couple of posts from Tom Hume on panels from the Mobile Web 2.0 show, one on platform capability and enablement, another on “Mobile Web 2.0: Two Tribes or One World?

MH pal James Whatley has been hard at work combining the talents of his employer, SpinVox with those of MTV and singer Kelly Rowland on, which gives people the chance to call in and anonymously voiceblog about various sexual health and relationship topics. Interesting stuff, well done Whatleydude.

And finally, I’d like to award +10 geek points to another MH pal, Martin Sauter, for his post about using the flatscreen TVs in hotel rooms as a second screen for his laptop. We salute you, sir! Though I must admit I was going to deduct 10 geek points for having a RAZR variant, but since it’s being used as an HSDPA modem, I’ll allow it 🙂

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