World Domination

I just thought that I’d let you all know that it was announced last week that I’ve been made Global Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association. I think a lot of people missed the announcement as it followed hard on the heels of the one about Chairing EMEA.

For me personally, this is huge – and validation of sticking with the mobile marketing industry through the dark, grim years of the early part of this century when we all wondered if it was ever going to take off.

The MMA today comprises all the leading players in mobile marketing, with over 600 members in 40 countries, including the likes of The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble and Anheuser-Busch, digital giants like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!, as well as many of the world‚Äôs more visionary agencies. So I really feel incredibly flattered that I’ve been elected to lead the whole thing.

What’s actually really interesting though, is that it’s quite honestly all down to blogging. This isn’t some kind of false humility, but a fact. If I hadn’t been a fairly well known blogger, I’d never have joined AdMob – or certainly not as the first employee in the world – because Omar, AdMob’s founder would never have heard of me. We met simply because some of the VCs he was talking to suggested we should get together, as they read my blog.

Then when it came to MMA Board elections, blogging gave me the edge over some very tough competition as people had heard of me and I’m convinced that you, our MobHappy readers helped spread the word in your organisations too.

So a heartfelt Thank You to all MobHappy readers – I really, really couldn’t have done it without you. I owe every single one of you a huge favour.

I hope that my short year as Chairman will be a pivotal one for the MMA and there’s already some exciting initiatives underway. But I’d like to be judged by action on this, so watch this space.

Finally, huge kudos to the Board members and previous Chairmen before me (no women, sadly) and of course, the dedicated permanent staff at the MMA. It makes my job so much easier with this huge momentum.

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