That Reminds Me To Tell You About My Wednesday Morning…

It’s not just me that thinks Nokia’s a-bag-a-shite – SMS Text News:

I often feel that I am the only chap on the planet calling out Nokia for piss poor innovation and ridiculous, ridiculous lack of attention to really important elements %u2014 especially when I%u2019m regularly coming into contact with Symbian fanatics.

Ewan’s post about his ongoing love-hate relationship with Nokia reminded me that I wanted to tell you all about my Wednesday morning: two and a half hours spent installing the Nokia N-Series PC Suite and Software Updater, and using them to backup my phone, upgrade its firmware, and restore it. Good times!

I know that a very small number of Nokia users will ever undertake such a task, but is that any reason to design it to discourage them from ever using it again? I remain pretty ambivalent about the iPhone, but the simplicity and ease of use with its iTunes integration provides a pretty useful model to follow for that sort of thing. To be fair, PC Suite is far, far, FAR better than it used to be. Its level of annoyance is now at, eh, a poke in the eye, rather than being hit in the crotch with a hammer. But it’s still got a long way to go.

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