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Everything You Needed To Know About The Symbian Foundation

If you’re still trying to figure out what this new, open-source Symbian will be all about, check out The Symbian Foundation unwrapped” by Rafe Blandford over at All About Symbian. Rafe knows as much about Symbian as anybody, and has posted the definitive piece on this big development. —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and […]

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More On The Big Symbian News

As Russell mentioned earlier, some big news from Symbian today. Nokia’s buying the rest of Symbian that it doesn’t already own, and will then create the Symbian Foundation, in collaboration with a number of other companies, and make Symbian royalty-free and open-source. This is, as they say, A Big Deal. First, the multiple UIs and […]

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Rabbit Redux, Yet Again

I’ll have some more on the Symbian news in a bit, but thought I’d get this up first. Russell’s apparently a bit of a mobile history buff, and something he’s mentioned before is Hutchison’s Rabbit phone system, which it launched in May 1992… and shut down in December 1993. Rabbit was a great big cordless […]

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Check Mate for Google’s Android?

Hard on the heels of yesterday’s announcement from Google that the launch of Android would be delayed from the second quarter to the fourth, is a potentially huge one from Symbian that could make Android completely irrelevant when devices eventually do start to ship. It’s too early to see exactly how the Symbian news will […]

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History Lesson

Time has a great photo essay on the history of the mobile phone, which is worth checking out. This one shows Martin Cooper, widely regarded as the Father of the Mobile. The photo was taken back in 1983, although the mobile looks much smaller and sleeker than I remember them being in those days. It’s […]

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