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Kooaba Wins MuMoMo

I’m behind on the blogging front this week – too much work and travel. But on Monday, I went to my third Mobile Monday in a month. This time I was playing at home, in Munich, which I co-founded. This was really well-attended, with about 200 people, all turning out for the ever popular Demo […]

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Some Cool Mobile Marketing From Japan

MH pal Tomi Ahonen writes in to share a post about some very cool mobile marketing from Japan. Snack food maker Tohato launched a couple of spicy snacks called “Tyrant Habanero Burning Hell Hot” and “Satan Jorquia Bazooka Deadly Hot”, and to promote them, set up a mobile multiplayer online game. Users bought a packet […]

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Hooray For DRM Once Again: Those N-Gage Games Are All Locked Up UPDATED

Update: Nokia has apparently changed its mind and says it will allow users to transfer their games to their new devices. That’s nice of them, well done Nokia. I do have to take issue with their statement, though 🙂 We have noticed a number of media stories about N-Gage game transfers and wanted to clarify […]

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US Handset Sales Drop — Are Consumers Tired Of Crap Phones?

New Cellphone Purchases Decline in U.S. – U.S. purchases of new cellphones declined in the first quarter for the first time in several years, signaling that worries about an economic slowdown are hurting the handset market, according to two new studies. The drop was concentrated among poorer customers using prepaid plans and among households […]

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They’re Tracking You — Around The Mall

Mobiles help UK malls track shoppers’ every move | The Register (via JimH): Mobile phone tracking technology is being put to good use watching how punters migrate around a shopping centre, thanks to gear from Portsmouth-based Path Technologies. By installing receivers around a shopping centre the company can pick up communication between handsets and base […]

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