Some Cool Motion-Sensing Tech

I’ve been in San Diego for Qualcomm’s BREW 2008 event, and yesterday in the expo, I saw some neat stuff from a company called GestureTek. It’s a company that’s been around for a while doing motion-sensing technology, and they’re putting it into mobile phones now. However, they use a handset’s camera instead of an accelerometer to detect movement, and it allows them to do some cool things. You can check out this video with my mad editing skills:

What’s cool is that they can use the video call camera, so on a flip phone, you can set the device down, as in the last part of the video, and interact with it. The demo shown is some sort of Japanese exercise app that tells you to do squats, and watches to make sure you do them. There are a lot of other games out in Japan that use this functionality, say for boxing or throwing darts. It’s a cool little tweak to motion-sensing.

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