Hits Just Keep On Coming From Motorola

Regular readers will know we don’t really talk about handsets much here on MH, except for the occasional shiny-object lust, but I wanted to point out this post I just saw over at IntoMobile about some forthcoming Motorola cameraphone. Moto has been working on devices with Kodak-branded cameras in an attempt to reinvigorate its ailing brand, and this is one with a 5-megapixel job in a slider form factor. But as the post’s author, Will, notes:

Much like the MotoZINE ZN5’s lack of 3G data connectivity, this new 5 megapixel Kodak cameraphone will be limited to WiFi and EDGE for all its data needs. Even worse, there’s no auto-focus on that badass shooter… No autofocus on what could have been an incredible 5-megapixel cameraphone. No 3G on a device that’s supposed to compete with the latest and greatest from the world’s top handset manufacturers. Fairly bland exterior styling.

I’ve given up on expecting anything great from Motorola in the short term. After all, when your bosses (at least the ones that haven’t already fled) are openly shopping your company around, I imagine it’s pretty hard to keep motivated. But damn, 5 megapixels without autofocus, why even bother? Why try to make a high-end device if you’re going to pull up way short? What’s the point? And more to the point, how’s it going to help the company?

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