85% Aware of Bluetooth

A new survey by Millward Brown, admittedly commissioned by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group themselves, has found that 85% of people are now aware of Bluetooth as a technology and an impressive 68% even recognising the Bluetooth logo itself.

This seems pretty high on first consideration. But the survey methodology was to poll 2,500 consumers in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, US and the UK “between the ages of 18 and 70 who make decisions within their household on mobile technology purchases”. So in that context, it seems more understandable ie take a bunch of advanced mobile cultures and markets and only question people who buy mobiles. In that way, the survey excludes those who would have no idea what Bluetooth was if it ambled over, introduced itself and tried to pair with them at a party.

However, even taking the favourable methodology into account, this is an impressive achievement, especially as Bluetooth is only just 10 years old.

While Bluetooth has its uncontroversial uses, such as pairing two devices together wirelessly, I’d hazard a guess that it is also responsible, more than any other single reason (well, perhaps with the exception of the subscription mis-selling scandals), for the current stagnation in mobile content. Bluetooth has enabled a whole generation of savvy kids to share content, quickly, easily and for free.

I’m surprised that mobile operators haven’t done more to repair this leak in the mobile content paddling pool. Although, just as with the record industry, a free download doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a lost purchase.

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