Some Cool Mobile Marketing From Japan

Picture 7.pngMH pal Tomi Ahonen writes in to share a post about some very cool mobile marketing from Japan. Snack food maker Tohato launched a couple of spicy snacks called “Tyrant Habanero Burning Hell Hot” and “Satan Jorquia Bazooka Deadly Hot”, and to promote them, set up a mobile multiplayer online game.

Users bought a packet of snacks, then scanned the 2D barcode on the back with their mobile, and joined the Habanero Evil Army or the Satan Jorquia Evil Army (depending on which one they purchased). They could then recruit friends to join and get promoted in rank in their army. The armies then fought wars over 31 battlefields with excellent names like “Ouch, the City of Anal Torture” and “Shadap Bay”, and users got all sorts of SMS news alerts from “war reporters” to make the experience more immersive.

Picture 8.pngWireless Watch Japan found a video about the campaign that gives some more info about it. Very cool stuff, and as Tomi wrote:

Now, I love this concept in a million different ways. Its clearly interactive and very viral. It is true engagement, in that the users had fun playing with the brand, their characters had shapes in the style of the death masks of the snack of choice, and they had to go and literally fight (and virtually even die) for their preferred brand. Talk about creating passion and involvement. It is clearly capitalizing on many of the the 7th Mass Media benefits, personal (my gaming character on my phone), permanently carried (alerts), always on (4 AM wars), user data (redeeming the 2D coupon) and social context (viral marketing).

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