Reader Bleg: Any Idea Why Nokia’s Podcasting App Is So Slow?

I’ve been using the Nokia Podcasting app on my N82, and I’m pretty happy with it. Like most people, I suspect, I’m terminally behind on keeping up with my podcasts, but it’s great being able to get the N82 to check for new updates and download them automatically, then listen to them in the car thanks to the Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone, which has an FM transmitter so I can play them over my car stereo.

Sort of. The problem I have is that downloads in the Podcasting app are slow as molasses, even over Wi-Fi. Downloads that start overnight often aren’t done by morning, and if I start them manually, they take a hell of a lot longer than I’d expect given my DSL connection at home.

Anybody got any ideas why things are so slow over Wi-Fi?

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