A Few Housekeeping Notes

If you’re one of our legions of RSS readers, you won’t have noticed anything, but for those of you who do stop by the MH site, you’ll see we’ve added a Flashy badge for the MH Twitter feed so you can follow us there (and there will be much more happening than “New blog post” updates). We also put in some Amazon associate links with stuff we like, so click away.

Also, just to pause for station identification for the benefit of our hordes of recent new readers, a few words about your hosts Russell and I. You can always read more on the About page, but briefly: Russell Buckley’s based in Munich, and he’s the MD Europe for the mobile advertising superstars AdMob. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events where he shares his copious knowledge and insight of the mobile marketing scene based on his extensive experience in the industry. You can reach him at russell AT mobhappy dot com.

I’m Carlo Longino, the other half of MH, and I live in Las Vegas. I’ve been working as an analyst, editor and writer covering the mobile industry for the better part of a decade. I’m currently working on a number of freelance projects, but if you’ve got a need for writing, consulting or analyst work in mobile, give me a shout on carlo AT mobhappy dot com.

As always, if you’re working on something cool in mobile, be sure to drop us a line and let us know.

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