T-Mobile, Why Do You Forsake Me? Or, How Fast Are 3G Voice Calls?

turtle.jpgI’ve been a T-Mobile subscriber for a long time. Can’t remember how long, but long enough that every time I call in their great customer service people, they give me the usual “thanks for being a T-Mobile customer since…” business and are surprised at the duration. I’ve remained loyal because of their generally great service, low prices and lack of funny business. And in spite of their truly horrible handset selection and their perennial position at the back of the pack in terms of network upgrades.

So I was pretty excited this morning when I saw over on Engadget that T-Mobile was FINALLY launching their 3G network tomorrow, and sweet ol’ Las Vegas was third on the list. Finally. Finally! (Yeah, yeah, it’s that funky 1700 MHz spectrum, I know. Baby steps.)

Things took a turn for the worse in the afternoon as Liverpool screwed things up… but no matter, soon I’ll have 3G, right?


You didn’t misread. Once again, that’s FOR VOICE ONLY. 3G. That high-speed _data_ technology that any operator worth a damn rolled out yonks ago.

Voice. Voice. Voice.

In the interest of domestic tranquility, I’m not going to make any threats I might later have to make good on, such as “if T-Mobile rolls out 3G in Vegas and it’s voice-only, I’ll jump to a real operator.” But come on. Please stop making me feel like such a sucker, T-Mobile.

Update: You might have 3G data, you might not.

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