Blyk Hits 100k Member Mark Ahead of Schedule

I’ve been skeptical of Blyk, the youth-focused, free, ad-supported mobile service, in the past; I’ve also been impressed by the response rates they’re seeing from the ads they send out to their members. In any case, some congrats to the Blyk team are in order as they’ve grabbed 100,000 members some five months ahead of schedule. Nice — it certainly shows there is interest in this sort of business model.

I still think there are some wrinkles to be ironed out, and as Ewan over at SMS Text News says, the amount of free airtime and texts users get means that for many of them, their Blyk SIM is a secondary account. Two ways to look at that: first, sure, selling students on some free minutes and SMS every month means it should be pretty easy to rack up 100,000 users. But second, if they’re still getting 30% or so response rates from people on these “secondary” accounts, that’s pretty fantastic.

The number of minutes and texts that users get can obviously change and be tinkered with, and I’d expect it to grow alongside the number of users and advertisers. But perhaps more important at this point is the insight Blyk’s gathering into its users and the business model, which I’d imagine is greatly disproportionate to its relatively small number of subscribers.

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