Vodafone, China Mobile, Softbank: Leave The Innovation Up To Us, Thanks Very Much

Vodafone Sets Up “innovation Lab” with China Mobile & Softbank:

China Mobile, Japan’s Softbank and Vodafone have agreed to establish a Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) to promote the development of new mobile technologies, applications and services. The three companies expect the initiative will help to accelerate the commercial deployment of mobile internet services.

The JIL will launch projects based on emerging technologies and market demand.

The JIL will focus on the rapidly growing areas of mobile internet services, such as mobile widgets. Initially, the JIL plans to develop a platform for mobile widgets to encourage the development of innovative new services that can leverage mobile operators’ unique capabilities.

Vodafone: 200m or so subs. China Mobile: 400m or so. Given that there are already scads of mobile widget platforms out there, why is there a need for another? Because none of the existing ones were developed by operators? The implication here is that operators control innovation — they get to decide where it happens, who can innovate, and what. Plus ça change…


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