Have You Checked Out Mippin Lately?

mippin.jpgThe team over at Mippin (check out my old post for background) are bouncing from strength to strength lately. They’ve launched Mippin Maker for publishers, which lets them easily create Mippsites for their publications; they’ve launched free ad-supported mobile games; they’ve enhanced the Mippin Today feature so users can get it via email and easily access new stories and posts from their favorite sites; and to cap it off, they’ve won a Red Herring award as one of Europe’s top 100 tech startups. Congrats!

I set MH up on Mippin with the Mippin Maker a few moments ago. It took me about 5 minutes — all I needed to do was upload a banner graphic, pick a site name and some colors, then fill in our AdMob ID, and boom, it’s done. If you have a site with an Atom or RSS, feed, head on over and get things going. Chances are somebody’s already looking at your site with Mippin anyway, so you’ve got nothing to lose. And if you want to see MobHappy on Mippin, you can visit mippin.com/mobhappy.

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