Cameraphones, Hands-free kits and Being Forgetful

hands-free-cellphone-kit.jpgA part of Russell’s ongoing separatista vs. convergionist battle is cameraphones vs. standalone digital cameras. You’re familiar with this angle: though most cameraphones aren’t of the same quality as standalone SLRs (or whatever), the best camera at any given time is the camera a person has with them.

Indeed, it’s true. I never would have been able to document the crazy tattooed guy I saw a few years back without my cameraphone, regardless of the quality. Fast-forward to this afternoon, when I found myself without either a standalone camera, or a cameraphone, as I’d run out on a quick errand and left my trusty N82 at home.

One of my favorite email forwards from my early working career was “the ghetto hands-free kit” — a picture of a dude with an old handset attached to his head via rubber band. I saw an older fellow at the grocery store just now with a slightly updated (and slightly more expensive) version: a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones with a clamshell handset tucked underneath. He was happily walking amongst the produce, chatting away with his hands in his pockets. Just to reiterate: the Boses were, as far as I could tell, not plugged in to anything (certainly not the phone), rather just switched on to “cancel” the ambient noise.

Once I realized what the hell he had going, my first thought was, of course, the need to share the image with you, our beloved readers. I reached into my pocket… to find only a half-used stick of lip balm and my grocery list. To steal a phrase from MH pal Ewan at SMS Text News, arse. Total arse.

hf.jpgSo I’m left to try and recreate the image for you — except I don’t have any Bose noise-cancelling headphones or clamshell handsets. So these only Sony cans and a Helio slider, plus your imagining me as an white-haired dude in a baseball cap, will have to do.

Moral of the story? Hm. Well, first, the very least you could do is pick up a Bluetooth hands-free, they’re quite reasonable these days. Second, I guess, is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a separatista or a convergionist when you’re forgetful.

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