Dead Happy

I was speculating a few weeks back that it would be pretty spooky to listen to a voice mail from someone who had died.

Well, it seems that not everyone thinks along the same lines.I picked up this story on Forum Oxford – the free-to-join discussion group with many of the industry’s luminaries taking an active part. Why not join today?

The story tells the tale of an 80 year old man, whose wife died in 2005. Ever since, he’d been phoning her voicemail every day, just to hear her say “”Catherine Whiting” again.

But then the carrier, Verizon, upgraded and the message was lost.

However, the story has a nice ending, if it can be described as such in the circumstances. Good old Verizon restored things for the old chap and he says:

“I’m glad they rescued it……I’m very happy.”


Maybe Verizon should make a TV ad about it and borrow the classic 80’s Yellow Pages strapline “It’s not just there for the bad things in life’. Verizon could do with a nice “human face” to the corporation and maybe they go round doing nice things all the time that we just don’t hear about.

I appreciate that the last sentance seems unlikely, but give them the benefit of the doubt for once!

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