CTIA Day 1

Some general impressions from the first day of CTIA:

– Does “open” really mean much here in the US beyond “a new set of rules devised by operators”? Hard to really tell at this point.

– This is like Barcelona with an American accent and on a smaller scale (with a lot of repeats from CES thrown in as well). There’s very little in the way of news, most people I’ve spoken to haven’t seen anything new or particularly exciting. I’m wondering if things are slow because of the economic malaise in the States, and that’s cut down on a lot of the flashiness, or if things are just at a lull here. Not sure exactly what the story is, but things are definitely slow.

– Where are the innovators? Have they given up on big telecom events in favor of stuff like Over The Air later this week in London, or Web 2.0 later this month in San Francisco?

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