Any Lawyers Out There? We Get A C&D For The Color Green

After the Engadget-Deutsche Telekom mess, I guess this isn’t too surprising, but HTC, best known as makers of a range of Windows Mobile devices, has hit your loyal servants here at MobHappy with a cease & desist notice. Apparently our use of green in the logo there in the left is a problem, given HTC’s use of green in its logo.

HTC legal rep April Furst says that MobHappy’s use of green in its discussion of mobile devices, services and products could create confusion among consumers regarding the origin and sponsorship of the site, and create the impression that MobHappy is somehow engaged in a business relationship with HTC.

Needless to say, we here at MobHappy strenuously object to HTC’s supposed ownership of the color green, regardless of any trademarks it may have, and will fight this in the strongest way possible, to every court in the land, to keep green free and mobile.

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