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T-Mobile, Why Do You Forsake Me? Or, How Fast Are 3G Voice Calls?

I’ve been a T-Mobile subscriber for a long time. Can’t remember how long, but long enough that every time I call in their great customer service people, they give me the usual “thanks for being a T-Mobile customer since…” business and are surprised at the duration. I’ve remained loyal because of their generally great service, […]

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Clay Shirky, Gin, TV and Social Surplus

Clay Shirky teaches at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and recent wrote of Here Comes Everybody. He gave one of the most thought provoking speeches at last week’s Web 2.0 Expo – and the competition was tough. The basic idea is that at times of great change, the human mind seeks escape. In the industrial revolution, […]

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MMS Coming of Age….Finally

After the huge hopes for MMS around its launch back in 2001, interest quietly waned as the market failed to deliver. This is pretty much what often happens with a new technology and it’s well described by the Gartner Hype Cycle. Essentially, this says that when a new technology is introduced it gets overhyped by […]

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Web 2.0, UI and Twitter

This week saw me in San Francisco for the mega Web 2.0 event – I’m actually on my way back now. It’s a huge event, with thousands of people in the cavernous Moscone Center (sic) in San Francisco. I’ll be posting again when I’ve been through notes and caught up with jet lag, but just […]

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Blyk Hits 100k Member Mark Ahead of Schedule

I’ve been skeptical of Blyk, the youth-focused, free, ad-supported mobile service, in the past; I’ve also been impressed by the response rates they’re seeing from the ads they send out to their members. In any case, some congrats to the Blyk team are in order as they’ve grabbed 100,000 members some five months ahead of […]

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