20 Billion!

AdMob (my employer, if you’re not from around these parts) has just served our 20 Billionth ad.


My own involvement in the company goes back just over two years now, when I met Omar for the first time on St Patrick’s Day (March 18th) in Philadelphia, where he was just finishing the first year of an MBA at Wharton. The platform had been running for exactly two months at that point.

I realised straightaway that AdMob was what I’d been looking for in mobile marketing, even though it was tiny at that point and little more than proof of concept really. The business plan I bought into, and which we both thought might be quite ambitious, showed that we should have served about 3.5 Billion ads by now. It’s not often a startup achieves nearly six times on one of its key performance indicators.

I actually started working as the first employee in April and was even paid in May 🙂

While the last two years have been really exciting and I wouldn’t have missed them for anything, much of the engineering work in the background has been about stabilising and scaling the platform, which has had to cope with ridiculous growth pressures. However, that’s really behind us now and we’re about to start launching a range of great product enhancements, as well as new ideas, that will make a big difference to our business partners, but also to the mobile ecosystem itself.

Watch this space. It’s about to get really exciting.

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