Nearly A Fifth Of American Adults Say They Play Music On Their Handsets

musicchart.gif eMarketer (always a nice source of data and charts) put up a recap (via Orbitcast) of some recent Pew data about how adults in the US use their mobiles. The stats seem a little inflated across the board, but the survey claims 19 percent of adult mobile owners use the internet on their devices — and that 17 percent play music.

I find this a little surprising, judging by my anecdotal and personal experience, but perhaps it’s possible. I think just as it’s helped get the mobile internet some exposure, the iPhone’s done the same for mobile music, raising awareness that it’s possible on a range of handsets. I’ve also noticed lately some AT&T ads pushing Walkman phones.

As Russell noted last week, the experience of getting music onto a phone, by and large, is not a pleasant one (though it’s getting better). This makes me wonder to what extent people here in the US are availing themselves of streaming services, which are fairly widely available. Just as Russell said, listening to the radio on mobiles is a popular (and growing) activity. I doubt that many people in the US are listening to a lot of broadcast radio on their mobiles, but I’d echo his sentiment and venture a growing number of folks are listening to the streaming equivalent, whether it’s baseball game play-by-play or content supplied by one of the satellite radio companies or something similar.

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