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‘The Best Service Is No Service’ — Mobile Industry, Take Note

‘The Best Service Is No Service’ — Mobile Industry, Take Note

Today’s FT has a review of a new book about customer service, called The Best Service is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy, and Control Costs. Whoo, a book about customer service — I know what you’re thinking. But this one actually sounds pretty worthwhile, especially for the […]

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Zimbabwe Gets Political

One of my predictions for 2008 was that another Government would be “toppled by the people, who will organise their resistance primarily using their mobile phones”. I also hazarded a guess that it might be Zimbabwe, which has been misruled by Robert Mugabe and his henchmen for far too long. While it’s too early to […]

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moblogUK Up For More Awards

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Alfie Dennen and his posse over at moblog:tech, but things are moving right along. Fresh off their win of a Media Guardian award earlier this month, they’ve now been nominated for three interactive BAFTAs. Congrats Alfie and co.! —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley […]

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If You Send Lots Of SMS, You Might Be A Nutjob

Cellular News says: People who send large quantities of SMS messages could be suffering from a mental disorder more usually associated with internet addiction – writes a doctor in the latest issue of the American Journal Of Psychiatry. He wrote that people who are denied access to the internet or mobile phones displayed feelings of […]

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20 Billion!

AdMob (my employer, if you’re not from around these parts) has just served our 20 Billionth ad. Yay! My own involvement in the company goes back just over two years now, when I met Omar for the first time on St Patrick’s Day (March 18th) in Philadelphia, where he was just finishing the first year […]

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