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How Quaint: T-Mobile USA Gets Into The Landline Business

T-Mobile has begun testing a new landline VoIP offer in a couple of US cities, offering unlimited calls for $10 a month (consumers have to buy a $50 Wi-Fi router that’s got some jacks for the landlines, and of course, supply their own broadband connection). A further sign of how mobile operators are racing to […]

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Some Good Dev Jobs Going In The UK

If you’re in the UK and looking for mobile development work, there are some openings with a couple of good companies. Trutap is looking for Perl developers, QA techs, Product Managers and sys admins; our pals over at Future Platforms are looking for people with solid Java skills to grow their engineering team. —–>Follow us […]

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The Black Swan Lands at MobHappy

I’ve written a few times about Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book The Black Swan. It’s one of those seminal books that everyone should read, or certainly be aware of the basic ideas that Taleb writes about. It manages to be both scholarly and readable and its implications are far wider than just “business”. A few weeks […]

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Google + Broadband + Anything = WSJ Story

“Stratellites” — giant blimps that could supposedly deliver wireless broadband to land masses the size of Texas — were, for a long time, my favorite BS broadband idea. The obvious pun, that the company behind them was full of hot air, was irresistable. A close second was the concept of putting reusable balloons in the […]

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Sprint’s Nuclear Option

Following yesterday’s post about three US operators announcing flat-rate voice plans, today brings news of the fallout in the market. Many Wall Street analysts speculate that Sprint will undercut the other operators and could offer unlimited voice calls for as low as $60 per month in a bid to stem its subscriber losses. Such a […]

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