LazyWeb request for Twitter + Flickr replacement-type thingie

When I was at CES a few weeks back, I used the MH Twitter and Flickr streams to post brief bits and photos from the show. I’m always on the prowl for a better solution, and while I think I’ve got something that will work a bit better for MWC in Barcelona, I thought I’d ask anyway: can anybody recommend a service that will let me easily upload pictures and text from my mobile to a single location? Essentially what I’m thinking of is something that combines the ease of Twitter for text and Flickr for photos, but results in just one set of output for users to follow.

Mobile posting to WordPress is, frankly, a big pain in the ass, especially for anything other than text, so just posting stuff directly to MH is out. My current thinking is just using Twitter and Flickr again, then pulling it into a Tumblelog, but I’m fairly certain I can find something better than that. Plus, it would be great to try some new mobile service this way, so if you know of anything along these lines, please pass it on or get in touch with me at carlo at mobhappy dot com.

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