AT&T: Look How Open* We Are

attsim.jpgPlease see the update to this story — AT&T says you don’t need to sign a contract to get SIM-only service.

Unless you’ve been on Mars, you’ve noticed all the talk in the mobile industry about “openness”. Perhaps as part of its push to be “the most open wireless company in the industry”, as its CEO said recently, AT&T is selling SIM cards without a phone. I don’t think this is all that new, but that’s not the big deal.

It is, as Ricky at SMS Text News points out, the fact that you apparently have to sign a two-year contract to buy the friggin SIM card.

Yes, I know.

The mind boggles.

Take it away, Ricky:

Why? For YEARS AT&T (and the other carriers) have been telling us that the contract is to subsidize the handset. So then why am I expected to sign one WITHOUT getting any equipment? You’re trying to say it’s to subsidize the SIM card? Horsefeathers.

If this move towards openness by operators is genuine, I realize it’s going to take baby steps. These are big companies with little incentive to change, since their businesses are doing pretty well on their own. But a two-year contract required for a SIM-only plan? Come on.

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