Welcome Back

I hope everybody enjoyed their holidays. I certainly did, which is making it pretty hard to get back into the swing of things this morning, so I’m just going to round up some posts and stories from elsewhere around the net that came up during the break and are worth reading. Best wishes for 2008, and normal service to resume shortly.

Mobile entertainment usage soaring in U.S. – A new survey says more than a third of American consumers are using their mobile phones as entertainment devices.

O2 rings in the key changes brought by iPhone – “About 60 per cent of iPhone customers are sending or receiving more than 25 megabytes of data per month, which is the equivalent of sending 7,500 e-mails. By comparison, only 1.8 per cent of O 2 ‘s other mobile customers on monthly contracts are consuming more than 25MB per month.” As others have pointed out, when you’re charging non-iPhone users 4 pounds per megabyte, that’s hardly surprising.

Second Impressions of Android – The ever-insightful Tom Hume has taken another look at Android, after the hype’s died down a bit… and still doesn’t quite get what the big deal is.

Crossing the Rubicon of the Mobile Web – “Ever notice that no one says stuff like, ‘No one will want to use the web on their mobile phone,’ any more?” Good stuff from Russell Beattie.

Boy killed by texting driver – Yet another reminder of how texting and driving don’t mix.

Student Gets Inflamed Thumb from Excessive Texting – Ow.

Indian villagers walk a dozen miles to charge cellphones – Talk about dedication.

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