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A Big Day in Mobile: Penetration Hits 50% Worldwide

Quite a milestone, as Informa says that global mobile phone penetration will hit 50 percent today, some 26 years after the first mobile network was switched on. While ownership of multiple subscriptions and SIMs means that fewer than half the world’s 6.6 billion people have phones, this stat makes very clear just how pervasive mobile […]

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EU Messin’ With Mobile — Some Good, Some, Well…

EU telecom meddler-in-chief Viviane Reding’s effort to get DVB-H made an official EU standard for mobile TV has been successful, giving the technology a boost on the continent. Reding said earlier that the ruling will help make “DVB-H a similar success story as the GSM standard for mobile phones 20 years ago.” It’s not entirely […]

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links for 2007-11-29

AAS Feature: Reading RSS On Your Smartphone (tags: rss) Nearly 24 Million Subscribers to Use 3G LTE Technology by 2012 (tags: 3g 4g lte networks) O2 to Test NFC in London with 500 Trialists (tags: nfc rfid o2 oyster) MyPhoneRocks dot com ¬ª Even mobile games beat the PS3 “EA making twice as much money […]

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An Update On Blyk

Jonathan MacDonald, Blyk’s sales director, got in touch after my post a few weeks back questioning some numbers he’d presented at an event. Jonathan got in touch offering some clarification and further details about Blyk’s performance. Blyk sends its members up to 6 communications a day. These can take the form of SMS or MMS, […]

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More On Verizon’s Newfound Sense Of Openness

I’ve been thinking some more about yesterday’s announcement from Verizon that it will open up its network to any compatible device, and let users access any service they want. There’s been a lot of analysis saying that this is Verizon’s response to Google’s recent launch of the Open Handset Alliance. But Verizon’s move really has […]

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