Mike on His Bike

My pal, Mike Rowehl, fellow AdMobber, blogger, MoMo’er and engineer extraordinaire has decided it’s time for him to leave AdMob. He explains some of his reasoning here.

It’s always a sad day when a valued employee leaves a company voluntarily and especially so when it’s the first time it happens. In Mike’s case, he was the first engineering hire at about the same time as I became the first employee on the commercial side of things in the Spring of 2006.

As Mike writes about how the three of us sat in Sequoia’s incubator offices being told how “the established ad networks are going to crush you before you can make a difference.‚Äù. Well, 11 Billion ads later, they haven’t yet and we have plenty more ideas about keeping ahead their half-hearted crushing efforts so far.

I’m really sad about Mike going, but I understand his reasoning. Mike is the ultimate engineering generalist, able to cope with whatever we needed. This included commercials deals that required us to double capacity overnight – he might not have proffered the hearty congratulations I was expecting 😉 but the platform coped magnificently.

Mike feels that this brand of engineering generalisation isn’t really needed anymore now that AdMob is more grown up, staffed and structured and he’s probably right – even though we’d have loved to have kept him. So he’s off seeking new challenges in startup land, where one man and computer can really make a difference.

So if you’re a startup with a world class idea and want world class engineering talent, Mike’s your man.

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