It’s The Simple Things

knorr1.jpgAbout two years ago, I wrote about a series of made-for-mobile cooking videos featuring British chef Jamie Oliver. While I thought the content was a pretty good idea, I was a bit miffed at the cost: 75p to watch the video, then 75p to get the really valuable content: the recipe and list of ingredients. I wrote at the time that it seemed like a giant missed opportunity for a supermarket or another food brand to sponsor the service, and offer it for free with some advertising.

Skip ahead to today, and over in Poland, a mobile marketing agency has announced they’ve launched a mobile cookbook app for Knorr, best known for its soups and sauces. The Java app features a Polish celebrity chef, and includes a number of recipes with pictures, and ingredient lists. The first edition is all soup, but the company says more are on the way with other types of food.

Is this earth-shattering? Hardly. But it does illustrate a good understanding of the point I was making two years ago, one that many people still don’t consider in mobile marketing. I’ll just paste what I wrote then: In exchange for placement on somebody’s mobile device, the advertiser has to offer something of value — real value — in exchange. That value exists here for people who want the app and access to the recipes, and in exchange, the Knorr brand gets to live on those folks’ mobile.

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