Happy Slapping Lives On

We’re always glad to share good news about our site stats, but there’s some depressing parts we tend to ignore as well — like the fact that (thanks to search traffic), some of the most popular individual posts on MH are various posts we’ve put up in the past about happy slapping, the idiotic practice of recording random assaults on video. (The post we have called “Free Mobile Porn” also gets lots of search traffic, but I can’t figure out why…) It’s sort of a sad reminder that happy slapping is still an issue, and that plenty of idiots are still interested in it, and presumably doing it.

Another such reminder came out of the UK this week, when a contestant on the X Factor reality TV show, a 15-year-old girl, had to leave the show after a happy slapping vid of her “grabbing [a] girl’s hair and throwing her to the ground before punching and kicking her” emerged. As Ewan at SMS Text News points out, if you want to be a pop star, it’s probably best not to engage such behavior. Of course, if you do, karma can be a real pain.

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