In Other News Today…

Apart from the Google news, there is some other interesting stuff going on today:

Trutap, a sweet mobile messaging/IM/blogging/social network/web stuff app has gone into public beta so you can try it out on your own handset. I met with the Trutap folks (the same team behind Hotxt) a few weeks back, and came away very impressed with what they’re doing, so hit on your mobile to get the app and check it out. Added bonus: our good pals over at the excellent Future Platforms did a lot of work on Trutap, so you’ve got two times the reasons to check it out.

– RIM has announced a version of its BlackBerry server software aimed at small businesses. This is an interesting play as plenty of small businesspeople are using BlackBerry services and devices already, presumably just using individual offerings from their operator. This software offers some more features, in line with the bigger enterprise server version; will SMBs find them worth paying for?

– Orange and French rail operator SNCF are launching a contactless payments trial with 50 users in Rennes. I’ve lost track of how many of these types of NFC trials that have been launched, raising two questions in my mind: first, will we ever see a real commercial launch in Europe or the US of NFC services? Second, will each and every transit operator/bank/retailer require this sort of trial before they’ll commit to launch? Seems like that could make things a bit difficult to scale.

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