Cobblers’ Kids

Cobblers’ kids are supposedly notorious for having the worst shoes among their contemporaries and MobHappy is proud to continue this tradition. So much so that we’ve largely ignored the mobile version of our site, while being vaguely aware that some people were probably reading our scribblings on their phones.

Carlo (the technical brains at MH) recently invested a little time in installing Andy Moore’s WordPress Plugin which seamlessly mobilises your site, as well as monetises it, with AdMob advertising (note, AdMob are my employer).

The interesting thing for me about this little exercise is the stats that come out of it. Collectively, you are all currently viewing well over 100,000 pages a month on MobHappy on your mobiles.

I know that I should be the last person to be surprised at the mobile revolution going on around us – after all, I’m part of the movement both here and in my job. But it’s kind of spooky when it actually happens to you. It’s a little like meeting someone at a conference, who reads MobHappy. Now intellectually, I know people – actually quite a lot of people – read this blog, but it’s always faintly surprising when I’m confronted with the proof in real life.

And for you bloggers about mobile out there, if you haven’t got a mobile version of your site, it’s definitely time you did.

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